Science News

1.  Are we getting close to reversing the AGING process?  A study out this week gave people a mixture of three drugs . . . a growth hormone, a diabetes medication, and a hormone supplement.  And it essentially made their DNA younger than it was before, by about two-and-a-half years.

 2.  Speaking of younger, a new study found the universe might be TWO BILLION years younger than we thought . . . 11.4 billion years old instead of 13.7 billion.

3.  In other space news, astronomers found the first planet besides Earth with water in its atmosphere AND temperatures that could support life.  It’s about eight times bigger than Earth, and around 110 light years away.

4.  In parenting news:  A team at the University of Michigan found that giving your kid “time-outs” won’t scar them emotionally, or cause behavioral issues.  And Google is working on a baby monitor that uses A.I. to alert parents BEFORE their baby wakes up.

5.  And in England, researchers may have figured out how to protect hair follicles during chemotherapy.  So cancer patients might not have to lose their hair anymore.