Video Games

Today is National Video Games Day…

– 31% of people would rather stay at home and play video games on their couch than go to a live event (StubHub)

– 20% of kids play video games before bed (Travelodge)

– 33% of people say playing too many video games and watching too much TV is a relationship deal breaker (Tech Insider)

– 16% of techies would rather play video games than make love (Bondara)

– 59% of male students will spend time playing video games instead of doing schoolwork (Studymode)

– 33% of parents say getting their children to stop watching TV or finish playing a video game is more stressful than the commute to work. (Munch Bunch)

– A survey by the Youth Sport Trust Charity reveals that 25% of kids think playing video games with their friends is exercise.

– A survey by Mind Candy reveals that 50% of people play video games on their phone while on the toilet.

– 18% of people play video games while on a stationary bike (Schwinn Fitness)

– 31% of kids buy video games with their pocket money (Halifax)