How to: Open Beer Bottles without a Bottle Opener

Courtesy of, who say they cannot be held responsible if hurt yourself using any of these methods…


The Dollar Bill Method: How this trick works is actually really simple. Just grab a dollar bill and fold it in half. Then just roll it up as tightly as you can until it’s approximately the same width as a large screw. Next, fold it in half again and wedge it under the lid with the rolled bill nestled between your thumb and index finger. Finally, hold onto the neck of the bottle with one hand and push up. Be warned though – you’ll be amazed at the force with which the cap will fly across the room so make sure to avoid fragile things! And if you don’t have a dollar bill to your name, don’t worry as this trick works with a single piece of paper as well.


The Lighter Method: Place the bottom of your plastic Bic lighter under the edge of your beer’s bottle cap. Now, just grip the neck of the bottle tightly with one hand and use your other hand to push up on the cap with the bottom of your lighter. You might have to continue this motion at various points around the cap until it pops off completely. A good tip if you don’t have a lighter is to ask any nearby smokers if you can borrow theirs to pop open your beer!


The Bumper Method: If you drive a beater then you might not mind using it at the ultimate beer opener! First you have to put the bottle cap of your beer against the edge of your car’s steel bumper (full disclosure: today’s flimsy plastic bumpers won’t cut it for this trick). Hold the bottle in one hand and apply a bit of pressure by pulling down on it. Next, place your other hand two to three inches above the bottle cap and strike the cap with the palm of your hand without hitting the bumper. The force should cause the cap to pop off.


The Key Method: First things first, hold your beer bottle by the neck in one hand and place a regular house key under the ridges of the cap. Next, use your key as a lever to force out one of the ridges. Push out the ridges two to three times until you’ve created a hole large enough to securely wedge your key in. Once your key is in place, push upward and force the cap off, or if it’s loose enough, simply pop it off with your free thumb. Now enjoy your brew, MacGyver – you’ve earned it!


The Second Bottle Method: The only prop required for the “second bottle method” of opening a bottle of beer without a bottle opener is another delicious bottle of golden ale. Simply place the cap of one bottle directly under the ridged edge of another bottle’s cap. Jerk down hard on the bottle on top and the cap will pop off.


The Belt-buckle Method: First begin by removing your belt and fitting an edge of the buckle tightly over the bottle cap. Then using your thumb, push up hard on the other edge of the buckle and the cap should pop right off. Don’t forget to put your belt back on, or else you could end up tripping over your own pants!