Tips on How YOU Can Keep the Spark Alive

Michaela Boehm is the best in the business when it comes to offering advice on how to keep the spark alive in marriages. The intimacy and relationship expert, 52, from Austria, has spent the last two decades counselling high-profile clients – including Gwyneth Paltrow and Will Smith. The intimacy coach has revealed her top tips on how to keep the passion alive.


STAY OFF YOUR PHONE: Nothing kills romance quicker than technology. On dates, stay off your phone and ditch the mundane everyday conversations for more curious questioning. Ask new questions and see your partner with fresh eyes.


SPEND TIME APART: Give one another space. Spending enough time apart will ensure that when you come back together there’s a freshness involved.


SWAP THE LEADING ROLE: There should be someone who is willing to be in charge and somebody who is happy to go along with it. The healthier relationships will see couples take turns in each role.


HAVE SHARED INTERESTS: Intimate relationships are created by having shared values and experiences. Maintaining these shared values is one of the ways to avoid developing “a relationship problem”.


KEEP YOURSELF ENERGISED: People also too often rely heavily on their partners to help cheer them up. Instead of expecting your partner to improve your energy levels, move your body in ways that bring you back to feeling sensual awareness.