Tap Water Has Fewer Microplastics Than Bottled

You’ve probably heard about microplastics . . . the tiny pieces of plastic that are EVERYWHERE now.

Over the last hundred years, we’ve thrown out around EIGHT BILLION tons of plastic.  Which has slowly broken down into tiny particles that make their way into the air and the water supply.  Researchers even found them in the arctic snow recently.

A study in June found the average person ingests at least 74 THOUSAND microplastic particles each year.  So here are four ways to limit your exposure . . .

1.  Stop drinking bottled water.  Tap water has half as many microplastics as bottled water does.  So opt for tap water, unless you know the water in your area isn’t safe.

2.  Don’t microwave food in plastic containers.  Even ones labeled “microwave safe” could be leaching plastic into your food.  So glass containers are better.

3.  Eat more fresh food.  Packaged food tends to have more microplastic.  That includes anything wrapped in plastic, and even a lot of canned foods.

4.  Dust more.  A lot of the microplastics we ingest are inhaled in dust.  So dusting and vacuuming more often can help. 

(Consumer Reports)