One in Five Women “Don’t Feel Comfortable” Going to the Bathroom at Their Boyfriend’s House

At the start of a new relationship, how many of us are guilty of getting up before our boyfriends to apply a quick bit of make-up? Or “accidentally” wearing a matching set of underwear on any old day of the week? Or, in extreme cases, racing home after a long romantic weekend away because we can’t bear to go to the bathroom with our boyfriend in the next room?


According to a new study, a staggering one in five women relate to the latter – and admit they just “don’t feel comfortable” going to the bathroom at their boyfriend’s home.


Out of the hundreds of couples surveyed, they found that 85 percent of women feel embarrassed to go to the bathroom at their partner’s in the first month of their relationship. In comparison, just 68 percent of men were bothered about heading to the toilet at their girlfriend’s house.


However once couples got beyond this initial awkwardness, 24 percent were happy to go to the bathroom in front of each other seven months into the relationship. Meanwhile, a further 37 percent said they would NEVER even go to the toilet with the door open.


What’s more, 34 percent of men said their biggest bathroom pet peeve was when their girlfriends leave hair in the sink. Unsurprisingly, the study also found that 40 percent of women complained that their man’s worst bathroom habits were not cleaning the toilet after themselves… *shivers*