G-7 Fast “Facts”

The G-7 Summit is underway in France.  Learn a little about this annual meeting of the world’s top leaders with this list of The Top G-7 Fast Facts.

  • This year’s main topic:  Did the Ending of “Game of Thrones” Suck or What?

  • Trump, Boris Johnson, and Angela Merkel are bringing their barbers to exchange tips.

  • All of the most powerful leaders in the world will be there, except for Beyoncé.

  • It’s always held at a Hilton so world leaders can score points towards their next stay.

  • Vladimir Putin never attends because of its “No Shirt, No Service” policy.

  • They do Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who sits next to whom.

  • The organization is made up of the world’s seven largest economies including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the U.K., the U.S., and the Lizard People.

  • The Canadian Prime Minister’s job is pretty much just to hold the door open for everybody else.

  • This year the G-7 is holding a raffle with the prize being Greenland.

  • Every year at the summit, the only thing on Canada’s agenda is to get the other countries to recognize the awesomeness of the band Rush.

  • Half of the schedule will be taken up with an in-depth discussion of the new Taylor Swift album.

  • When it’s America’s night to cater dinner, everyone gets KFC.