Millionaire Splurges

If you won the lotto tonight, what’s the first thing you’d buy?  Someone talked to 55 millionaires about their spending habits.  Here are the top five things they splurge on . . .

1.  Travel.  60% mentioned it, which was almost twice as many mentions as anything else.  And a lot of them talked about how important vacations are.

2.  Food.  Including eating out and cooking at home.  35% mentioned it.  So eating well is a priority.

3.  Cars.  Only 15% said they splurge on cars.  Some claimed they’re fairly frugal, and if they buy a luxury car, they keep it for a while.  A few even said they buy used cars.

4.  Wine.  Only 9% said they spend a lot on drinking or collecting wine.  But a few of them were VERY into it.

5.  Clothes.  Only 7% said they spend a lot updating their wardrobe.  So apparently it’s not a huge priority for most millionaires.  It’s not clear how many of them were men, and how many were women.

A few other things millionaires in the poll said they splurge on are their house . . . their boats . . . concerts . . . golf . . . sporting events . . . gadgets . . . and watches.

(Bro Bible / Business Insider)