Why We Like to Re-Read the Same Books or Re-Watch the Same Shows

Many people have books that they like to read over and over or TV shows or movies that they do this with, and while others may think that you should spend that time reading or looking at something new instead, there are good reasons why we like these “comfort” books or shows. Vox cites an Atlantic story that draws on research that broke down four reasons why people watch or read the same things over and over:

  1. Simply, they just like that book or show. They might pick up new details with the repetition and the more they read or watch it the more they like it.

  2. People are nostalgic and like to revisit things from their past.

  3. They know what will happen in the story, and that’s comforting in our increasingly changing societies.

  4. Re-engaging with the same thing at different times can help people see how they’ve changed, while also offering continuity across that time.