Ideal Locations for Having a Tough Conversation with Your Partner

In a park “Being in nature can relax you,” says clinical psychologist Catalina Lawsin, PhD. And you can always play with the grass or stare up into the clouds as you try to get your thoughts together.

 On the sidewalk after taking a workout class Working out = endorphins = happier vibes. “Exercise can burn off any repressed feelings you’ve had about your relationship, so when you’re feeling more relaxed, this is a great time to talk,” says Lawsin.

 At your therapist’s office Couples therapy isn’t as scary as it sounds, and it can actually really help having a professional help mediate your discussions. Therapy provides a safe place to be heard and to learn how to express yourself in a constructive way that enhances your relationship.

 In your bedroom over the phone Okay, don’t pull a Joe Jonas and breakup with your mega star girlfriend over text (or she’ll out you on her next album). Instead, try calling the person on the phone. You’re more likely to be honest, because it’s easier to muster up the courage when the other person can’t see your face.

 Oh, and here are some locations to definitely avoid broaching any serious, tough talks:

Your bedroom and/or bed. These topics are not the kinds of things you should be discussing during pillow talk. Many experts say your bed should be a sacred space where you two only sleep and have sex. Save the major drama for outside the covers.

A restaurant. There’s no easy out-unless you feel like flipping tables tonight.

A bar. That vodka soda can make you say and think things that you don’t actually agree with or want to say.