Destination Weddings

Have you ever gone to a destination wedding?  A survey of 1,500 Americans found 27% of us have.  The other 73% haven’t, mainly because it’s too expensive.  Here are five stats from the survey . . .

1.  The number one reason we don’t go is the cost.  71% of people cited it as the main reason they’d skip it.  Not wanting to take time off work was next, followed by not liking the destination.

2.  50% of people said they probably wouldn’t go to a wedding in another country, no matter how tight they were with the bride and groom.

3.  66% of people said you shouldn’t be expected to give a present if it’s a destination wedding.  Just being there is enough.

4.  The top reasons couples have destination weddings are to save money by honeymooning in the same place . . . to check a destination off their bucket list . . . and to LIMIT the number of guests.

5.  The average destination wedding actually costs LESS than other weddings do.  $28,000, compared to the national average of just over $35,000 for normal weddings.  Again, the guest count usually has something to do with it.  (PR Newswire)