Radio Fun “Facts”

 Today is National Radio Day, so it’s the perfect time for this list of The Top Radio Fun Facts.

  • It has helped break some of the most important artists of all time.  And also Nickelback.

  • “FM” stands for “Frequency Modulation.”  “AM” stands for “Angry Male.”

  • More than 41.2 million Baby Boomers listen to radio each month . . . most of them with the help of their Miracle Ear.

  • 97% of Gen X-ers listen to the radio each month.  The other 3% are still complaining that there’s been no good music since Nirvana.

  • Radio waves are electromagnetic waves.  As are light waves, microwaves, and Katrina and the Waves.

  • Video didn’t kill the radio star.  It just forced the radio star to add more wacky sound effects.

  • Listening to baseball on a transistor radio immediately ages you 40 years.

  • 95% of millennials listen during each month, so it’s a great medium if you want to advertise avocado toast.

  • A modern radio consists of printed circuit boards, capacitors, and coils.  Just like Mike Pence.

  • The Eiffel Tower was used as a radio tower during World War Two.  As opposed to nowadays, when it’s used primarily as a selfie background by obese American tourists.

  • Any microphone that doesn’t smell like stale cigarettes and coffee isn’t being used right.

  • Everything they did on that “WKRP” show was . . . right on the money!