How to get the cheapest car insurance

Car insurance varies depending on where you live . . . how old you are . . . how much coverage you want . . . and what KIND of car you’re driving.

And a new study found the cheapest type of car to insure is . . . a MINIVAN.  They’ve got the lowest premiums, at an average of $154 a month nationally.

That’s for an average plan, not bare bones.  And it’s based on a single driver in their mid-30s, with a five-year-old car and no accidents.

Crossovers are the second cheapest type of car to insure at $159 a month . . . then SUVs, $170 . . . trucks, $176 . . . sedans, $184 . . . and sports cars, $199.

Obviously the model and year also matter:  They found Nissans, Hondas, and Toyotas are the cheapest to insure overall.  And Lexus is the most expensive.

But Subaru has THE cheapest car to insure.  The average insurance payment for a 2014 Subaru Forester is $148 a month.  Then Dodge Grand Caravan, $149 . . . and Honda Odyssey, $150.