Words That Should Be Banned from Sports?

Someone on Twitter recently asked what overused word or phrase they’d BAN from sports and sports coverage if they could . . . and the topic went viral.

Here are 10 of the most popular responses, based on the number of ‘likes.’

1.  Adversity

2.  Barstool, which is apparently a reference to the website BarstoolSports.com.

3.  Classy

4.  GOAT, which of course means ‘Greatest of All-Time.’

5.  Redskins

6.  Winningest

7.  110%

8.  Bayless, which is a reference to annoying ESPN personality Skip Bayless.

9.  Physicality

10.  Warrior.  The user added, quote, “Please.  It’s a sport / game.  Not life and death.”  You could probably add a lot of other overly-dramatic military terms to that, like hero, soldier, war, and battle.

Most of these are pretty good . . . but with the wall-to-wall sports coverage, there’s really no shortage of responses. Some other good ones from the thread include:  High-motor, clutch, filthy, intangibles, launch angle, load management, money’s worth, swagger, RBI or RBIs pronounced “ribbies,” aggressiveness because the noun should be aggression . . .

Momentum, “glue guy,” penetrate, “basketball IQ,” spiritability, “wants / wanted it more,” hustle, elite, process, and “putting on a clinic.”