Parents Pay Cash Bribes to Their Kids to Get Them to Stop Staring at Their Smartphones

Nearly a quarter of parents resort to giving cash to their children if they agree to swap screen-time for homework and an early bedtime, a survey has found. From more than 500 parents surveyed, 23 percent said they have paid their children to switch off from their online devices.

 According to the survey, kids aged five to 15 spend over two hours a day online – with their preferred destination being YouTube. It has now become harder than ever for kids to control their screen-time, with 35 percent of 12 to 15-year-olds reporting they find it tricky to moderate how long they spend online. As well as using cash bribes to get their kids away from their phones, 20 percent of desperate parents have used pocket money to get their child to bed.

 15 percent of parents have paid their children to finish their homework, and 30 percent say they’re willing to withhold payment if the work was not up to scratch.