The Top Elephant “Fun Facts”

Today is International Elephant Day, so it’s the perfect time to check out this list of The Top Elephant Fun Facts.

  • Thanks to Disney, many of them grow up with feelings of inadequacy because they can’t fly.

  • The ones that are allergic to peanuts are really screwed.

  • They can remember things for you did wrong for decades.  Sorry.  That’s a Top Wife Fun Fact.

  • The ones in zoos can’t believe how fat the people who come to watch them are getting.

  • They didn’t lose their hair to evolution . . . they shave.

  • Elephants that can do many things at once are called “multi tuskers.”

  • Elephants are strict vegetarians.  And much like your sanctimonious Facebook friends, they NEVER shut the hell up about it.

  • It’s really hard for them to find a comfortable pair of sandals.

  • There are three different types of Asian elephants . . . and all of them are good at math.

  • Elephants have really thick skin.  But it’s not so thick that they don’t get their feelings hurt by mean tweets.

  • If an elephant and a jaguar do a karaoke duo, they always sing “Ebony and Ivory”.

  • Bernie Sanders thinks it’s a travesty that they work for peanuts.