The Filthiest Thing in Your Purse and Wallet

The whole concept of money being dirty has been distracting us all these years from what actually is the dirtiest thing in our purses or wallets. Becoming a cashless society doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of germs. In fact, it could make it worse. A study found our credit and debit cards are the most bacteria covered things in our bags. Turns out that after testing bacteria on credit and debit cards, bills, and coins, they found the average payment card had a germ score of 285.


What does that mean? Well, consider this: food establishment surfaces should have a germ score of 10 or less to be considered sanitary. Yep! Pretty bad. The backside of the cards were found to be dirtier than the front side and generally credit cards were dirtier than debit cards. But how about cash? Cash received a score of 160 and coins 136. Bad, but not as bad as card’s score of 285. In fact, the dirtiest card tested in this study was found to be filthier than a McDonald’s door handle and a New York City subway pole. Yeech. So next time, remember to wipe before you swipe.