These Tinder Photo Tips Will Make More People Swipe Right

Tip #1: Always start with a clear shot of your face. While filters are fun, the good people of Tinder just want to see your face. Go for a headshot photo, or one from the waist up.

 Tip #2: Vacation pics are always a safe bet. Want to show that you’re open-minded, worldly, and up for a good time? Post a photo from your last vacation.

 Tip #3: Group photos should be used sparingly. Picture this: I click on your profile, and get hit with a series of group photos. I have no idea which friend you are, so I’m swiping left ASAP! Sorry!

 Tip #4: Pictures with kids that are not your own can be iffy. Yes, your niece is super adorable, and yes, studies have shown that women are more attracted to guys that are good with kids, but people are going to wonder if that’s your child!

 Tip #5: No pictures of a car. Like, just the car. My friend had a succinct answer when I asked her about her Tinder pet peeves: You are not a car. You are a human. The end.

 Tip #6: Variety is key. You can have up to six photos on Tinder. While you don’t have to use all six spots, it’s nice to have a bunch of different photos to express that dazzling personality of yours.

 Tip #7: Pictures with a pet are always good. If you have a pet-specifically one of the cute and cuddly kind-adding a photo with said pet is said to increase your number of matches.

 Tip #8: Shirtless pics should be done tastefully. You worked hard for that body and you deserve to show it off. But, you’re going to want to be careful. A shirtless photo of you on the beach? Go for it. A headless mirror selfie where all we see is your torso? Pass.