“I Love You” – Who says it First?

As far as awkward situations go, saying “I love you” for the first time and NOT having the other person say it back is right up there at the top.

Which is why women are DETERMINED to avoid it.

According to a new survey, only 4% of straight women want to say “I love you” first.  The other 24 out of 25 women want to hear the guy say it first.

And that’s not the only place where women are more than happy to let the guy take the lead.  Only . . .

1.  19% of women will reach out to someone first on a dating app.

2.  14% have asked for a guy’s number.

3.  24% will regularly offer to pay on a first date.

4.  15% will initiate a first kiss.

5.  12% will initiate sex for the first time.

One more thing about saying “I love you” . . . 17% of people have said it for the first time in a text message . . . and 34% have said it during or after sex.

(Singles in America)