How to Tell if Your Date Is Totally Peacocking

See, like the feathers of a luxurious bird vying for a mate, peacocking is an infamous pickup artist move where a person wears or does something just to get noticed. While it sounds innocently dorky enough, peacocking is specifically designed to lure in hookups. Here are four signs that a person is totally peacocking… and you should approach this bird with caution:

 1. They visually stand out. They’re wearing a glow-in-the-dark cowboy hat at a dance hall. But instead of dancing, they’re standing by themselves, with their eyes darting around and occasionally checking their phone.

 2. The moment you talk to them, it’s like 20 questions. Think about it: If the guy poring over We Should All Be Feminists on a Friday night at a crowded dive bar was actually just that into reading about women’s lived experiences or had it assigned for class, he’d just say that. But if he continues talking and talking and not reading your Woah, I Did NOT Want to Get into This! face, welp, you’ve probably been p-cock’d.

 3. They act overly casual about their look, as if they do it all the time. “Oh, I always bring my bowling ball to libraries. Anyway, whatcha doing the rest of the night? :)))”

 4. They keep the convo short with people they’re clearly not attracted to. You’ll see them carry on 25-minute long conversations with very annoyed-looking twenty-something women, but the moment a dad cheerfully asks them why they have a pet turtle at a rooftop bar, their response is surprising curt.