Least Popular Friends Episodes

It’s was 25 years ago this September when the first episode of “Friends” aired. Warner Bros., owner of the show, is celebrating by milking it for even more money – I mean, celebrating the event with a month-long, pop-up Friends experience, Sept. 7 through Oct. 6 in New York City. Of course, not all Friends episodes are created equal…


  • The One Where We Find out How Much Manhattan Apartments Like That Really Cost

  • The One Where a Misunderstanding Leads to Hilarity

  • The One with a Cockroach the Size of a Dog

  • The One Where Bearded Hipsters Ruin the Neighborhood

  • The One Where Marcel Gives Ross Monkeypox

  • The One Where They Try Every Conceivable Non-Incestuous Hookup Combination

  • The One Where the Strain of the Contract Holdout Is Really Evident

  • The One That Foreshadowed the Failure of Joey

  • The One Where They Hit the Magic Number for Syndication

  • The One Where You Went Out the Next Day and Got a Rachel Haircut

  • The One with… No, No, That’s a Different One