Study: Sexting Is Uncommon Among Teens

Parents of teens have a lot to worry about, but sexting should apparently not be high on the list. Florida Atlantic University researchers talked to kids ages 12 to 17, and found most said they’ve never sent or received a sex text, and just 14 percent had ever sent a sexually explicit image or received one. In this study, researchers defined sexting as the exchange of nude or semi-nude photos or videos via text or private messaging on social media. About 11 percent of respondents said they had sent a sext to a boyfriend or girlfriend, and 64 percent said they sent it after being asked to do so. Just 43 percent say they sent a sext after someone who was not their romantic partner asked for it. Study author Sameer Hinduja says that efforts to curb sexting shouldn’t aim to stifle sexual development, but instead they should focus on the seriousness of potential consequences– legal, financial, reputational, social, or otherwise. He added that future studies will look at the best ways to deter teens from sexting.¬†¬†