Rude Cell Phone Behavior We’ve Normalized

 ·        Ignoring a call, and texting back. Somebody calls you, you don’t feel like talking on the phone, so you ignore the call, and simply text back, “Hey, I saw you called-what’s up?” And now that you’ve texted back, you’re proven you are, in fact, available to talk, you just didn’t feel like picking up.

 ·        Treating every message as urgent. We’ve completely come to accept that if someone we are talking to, in real life, receives a Facebook message/Twitter alert/text, that that person is going to stop our conversation to answer it.

 ·        At the cashier. These poor cashiers are left feeling like they’re interrupting our phone conversations just by doing their jobs in asking things like, “Do you need a bag?” or “Do you have a rewards phone number?”

 ·        Texting and walking. Some of the most dangerous people on the roads aren’t drivers but pedestrians on their phones.

 ·        Delaying the meal for photos. The moment everyone’s food arrives at the table, and just when everyone is absolutely salivating and can’t wait to dig in, someone says, “Wait. Let me take a picture of the food.”

 ·        FaceTiming in public. What is with all of the people who FaceTime in public now? Oh, and not even with headphones in, but with the other person on speakerphone!

 ·        Taking photos/videos without permission. It’s completely normal to see people raise their phones to take a photo or video of anything. A couple fighting. A car crash. A baby doing something cute. We don’t have permission to document these things, but we all seem to think we do.