Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble

Mutual love, commitment to each other, and fidelity are important things in a couple’s relationship.  If they aren’t, those couples might identify with this list of The Top Signs Your Relationship Is in Trouble.

  • The back of her hair smells like Joe Biden’s cologne.

  • His favorite sex position is “Not You.”

  • You’ve thrown your wedding ring so many times that you need Tommy John surgery.

  • She asks if she can change her “hall pass” from Ryan Reynolds to the UPS guy.

  • You don’t feel those butterflies in your stomach anymore.  It’s more like bad Chinese food.

  • The only time your wife laughs out loud is when you ask her if she wants to have sex.

  • He watches all those “Dateline” shows about people who kill their spouses . . . and takes notes.

  • The first thing your partner says to you each morning is, “Man, our relationship is really in trouble.”

  • You’re a guy.  And you think everything is fine with your relationship.

  • You cry at weddings.  Out of horror.

  • You’ve realized you’re married to one of those people who waits right in front of the elevator door and then acts bothered when they have to move to let people out.

  • The doctor diagnoses the cause of your partner’s index finger injury as too much swiping right.

  • Your boyfriend says you never give him attention.  At least, you think that’s what he said.

  • You had kids and . . . yeah, that’s it.