Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone

Experts say cell phone addiction is real.  Find out if that’s an issue with you by checking out this list of The Top Signs You’re Addicted to Your Cell Phone.

  • You’re anywhere between the age of twelve and nineteen.

  • It’s easier to just TEXT your priest your confession.

  • You just flew to China to personally thank the toddlers who built your iPhone.

  • You don’t consider texting while driving a “crime,” so much as it is an “art.”

  • You automatically think all birds are angry.

  • You have Snapchat streaks that are longer than any of your relationships.

  • You try to answer the vibrating thing the restaurant gives you when your table is ready.

  • You learned about the L.A. earthquakes while you were on it.  And you live in L.A.

  • Three words:  Adult onset scoliosis.

  • Every time you make a joke, you shout, “HASHTAG HILARIOUS!” then spend the rest of the day wondering why everyone hates you.

  • If you meet someone at a bar, instead of shaking hands, you swipe right or left on them.

  • Any time you go to a concert, you have to watch it again the next day because you were too busy filming it the night before.

  • You’ve texted your spouse . . . in the next room.

  • You live-Tweeted your own wedding.