Things Space Aliens Would Say If They Landed on Earth

More than half of Americans believe in aliens and almost as many believe they are visiting Earth.  Here are The Top Things Space Aliens Would Say If They Landed on Earth.

  • We’ve got probes.  You’ve got rednecks.  Let’s make something happen.

  • Wait, this isn’t Area 51.  Damn you, Google Maps!

  • They do “The Bachelorette” here too?!?

  • We’re just here to pick up the little green fella with the light-up finger who looks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  • Why are the brains of these “Kardashians” so much smaller than other humans?

  • Our leader has orange skin, just like yours!

  • What is so compelling about the hand that humans must spend the entire day staring at theirs?

  • What’s with the purple-haired soccer lady?

  • Keanu Reeves is having a resurgence in popularity on our planet as well.

  • On our planet our mating process does not involve any “swiping right.”

  • How many “Spider-Man” movies do you people need?

  • Can we take a picture of you?  We also like to Instagram our food.

  • You have TWO eyeballs?!?  FREAKS!

  • Tell this one you call “Trump” to relax . . . we aren’t aliens from some “S-hole planet.”

  • We used Airbnb to book Sigourney Weaver’s stomach.

  • Logic seems to be a problem for humans.  I mean you pay EIGHT BUCKS for a coffee?!?