Things You Shouldn’t Say at Your High School Reunion

High school reunions can be a good time.  And to help make sure it is, try to avoid uttering anything from this list of The Top Things You Shouldn’t Say at Your High School Reunion.



  • What a coincidence:  I also nailed the lunch lady!

  • Oh, come on, I can’t be the only one who still does whippets!

  • I nailed your wife back when she was thin, perky, and full of hope.

  • It’s ironic that I failed chemistry and now I make six figures manufacturing meth.

  • Don’t be so self-conscious.  You looked fat in 10th grade, too.

  • Damn, and I thought I was bald!

  • It’s nice to have a reminder of exactly why I hated everyone I grew up with.

  • Yep, I lost about 200 pounds!  Want to see the extra skin?

  • Where are all the chumps I used to bully?

  • Now that I’m older, it’s much less creepy that I’m dating one of the teachers here.

  • Me?  Well, I’ve done pretty well in the organ harvesting business.

  • Is your mom still hot?