Men Are Sharing the Most Annoying Things about Being a Guy

In a Reddit thread which has gone viral with more than 24,000 comments, men have been sharing the things about being a man which they find the most frustrating.

 “I hate shaving my face so often,” said one guy, with plenty of men agreeing. And yes, it is also true that women are force-fed the social convention that they should have hairless bodies as well as faces. But “trying to shave those damn hairs on your Adam’s apple without slicing your throat open” is still tricky.

 And while the ability to pee standing up is a uniquely male privilege, it comes with its own challenges. “Peeing, then shaking it, even dabbing the tip with a square of tissue…but still dribbling a little piss in my drawers” was cited by one as the bane of his life.

 An equally relatable penis problem was the question of how to comfortably adjust yourself when in public. “God, it’s awful to do this in a public place where you can’t go anywhere private to do it, like while taking the bus… specially with jeans,” said one guy.

 And then, of course, there are unwanted erections. For some unlucky guys, their junk just never does what they want it to. “Used to be getting random boners at inappropriate times,” said one commenter. “Now, it’s not being able to get a boner at appropriate times.”