Reasons You Should Quit Social Media

A new study found 38% of us say being on social media is harmful to our mental health.  So we can add that news to this list of The Top Reasons You Should Quit Social Media.

  • See under “followers” where it says “zero?”  That.

  • People don’t want to look at pictures of your FACE, let alone your spinach salad.

  • You literally can’t start your day until you know what shade of lip gloss Kylie is wearing.

  • You’re starting to see the “logic” in this anti-vax thing.

  • There’s no relationship status of “Rejected by all aspects of society.”

  • You’ve run out of old friends to see if they’re fat

  • You can’t look at yourself in the mirror anymore because it doesn’t have filters.

  • You took a selfie with your mother . . . at her wake.

  • It’s so much more satisfying to see someone’s reaction up close when you bully them in person.

  • You’re embarrassed to hang out with your dad because he only has 65 Facebook friends.

  • You just posted a photo on your News Feed of you posting a photo on your News Feed.

  • You’re Sarah Palin and quitting things is your jam

  • You no longer feel the need to post a funny meme, only to have your mom chime in with an unrelated comment about what Aunt Edna is up to.

  • Your kids miss you . . . according to the tweet they just sent you.

  • You haven’t looked up since 2011.