Founding Father Fun “Facts”

In honor of Independence Day coming up on Thursday, it’s the perfect time to give you this list of The Top Founding Father Fun Facts.


  • Alexander Hamilton couldn’t rap.  BUT, John Adams could breakdance.

  • John Hancock’s giant signature made up for his tiny . . . middle-born child.  What did you think I was going to say?

  • They came from many different walks of life, such as lawyer, merchant, and, in Jefferson’s case, drycleaner.

  • There are ones you’ve never heard of, because they didn’t even have their own YouTube channel.

  • George Washington crossed the Potomac on an e-scooter.

  • Ben Franklin invented bifocals.  And even with bifocals, he still wasn’t able to read the fine print on a rental car contract.

  • Tickets to see Alexander Hamilton were a lot cheaper back then.

  • After drafting the Constitution, many of them just spent the rest of their lives signing autographs at fan conventions.

  • Sam Adams was so drunk when he signed the Declaration of Independence he wrote, “Suck it, England!”

  • Alexander Hamilton’s final words were, “Maybe we should’ve just had a roast battle.”

  • The phrase “Go fly a kite” is how the Founding Fathers would get rid of Ben Franklin when he was being annoying.

  • They fought for independence from England because they really hated Coldplay.

  • Benjamin Franklin would’ve traded all of his inventions for a cure to male pattern baldness.

  • Before becoming our first president, George Washington subsidized his income by stripping.