Things the Guy You’re Dating Will Tolerate – for a Little While

Chit chat about everything that happened that day

You may have heard men are simple creatures, even dunces, but we’re cunning masters when it comes to making you believe we’re listening to you. In the beginning, we’ll hang on your every word, seriously! But as time goes on, even the most kind-hearted fella will start to zone out.


Crying once a week-or MORE

Do you just love getting your guy in a corner and unleashing your sorrow on him? Is he the ear you can always count on? Well I’ve got news for you – he’ll be very intent on helping you through for a while, but if you keep it up, he’s going to start wondering what the heck is going on. Eventually he’ll take you for an emotional wreck and leave you.



You knew this already, but women will drag a guy into clothing stores anyway! In the early days and weeks of a relationship he’ll be more than happy to do this. But, unless he’s as serious about shopping as you are, his interest in it is going to fade away-fast. Suggestion: go with friends, not him.


Dinners out with your family

He’ll be happy to hang out with your parents and family if it means scoring points with you. But once he realizes it’s an obligation and not a point-scoring mission, he’ll be much less interested in joining you for the affair. My tip: be super nice to him and tell (or show) him how awesome he is for going


Your taste in music

He’s going to tell you he loves One Direction and can’t get enough of Taylor Swift, but as soon as the relationship transitions into cruise control, he’d much rather be listening to Tool or Stone Temple Pilots. Tip: iPods and a pair of headphones is all you need!