The Five Types Of Toxic Co-Worker

The Five Types Of Toxic Co-Worker

From Reader’s Digest, here are the Five Types of Toxic Co-Worker and How To Deal With Them, If You Don’t Have Any Windows You Can Push Them Out Of:

  1. The “Chatty Cathy” – Some people need to hear the sound of their own voice constantly because they don’t feel heard. But why is that your problem? Give a sad sigh and say something along the lines of, “Sorry, I really need to get this done. I’m one of those people who can only focus on one thing at a time.”

    2. The “Constant Complainer” – You need to say, “Things sound really tough for you and I’m sorry. But my problem is I get dragged down too easily and at work I need to keep up a happy outlook as much as possible. I hope you understand.”

    3. The “Slacker” – If their laziness is not affecting you, it’s not your business. But if it is impacting your job responsibilities, feel free to tell the boss and point out that you’re doing your part of the job.

    4. The “Bully” – Keep reminding yourself that you are no longer a helpless 8-year-old. And don’t take the bait – that’s exactly what the bully wants. But you can only be affected if you allow it, and if you don’t they will find a new target.

    5. The “Passive-Aggressive Office Mate” – Set boundaries. Smile, ignore them and keep on moving.