What Parents Miss Most About Life before Children

A recent survey, of 2,000 parents reveals what they miss most about life before children. According to the survey, more than anything, parents miss driving their cars in peace, watching television, and sparking “romance” with their significant other without worrying about anyone else in the house. Despite the perks of those glory days, all parents agreed giving up these benefits was worth it to have children. In fact, 9 out of 10 said having a child was the best thing they’d done in their lives.


Here are the top things parents miss most:


1. Saturday morning sleep-ins

2. A clean and tidy house

3. Watching television in complete peace

4. Leaving the house, without worrying about a babysitter

5. Spending money guilt free

6. Having a shower or bath without being disturbed

7. Date nights

8. Going to the toilet without being disturbed

9. Vacations that didn’t hinge on school breaks/terms

10. Getting a full night’s sleep

11. Relaxing on a vacation without having to entertain a child

12. Browsing the shops rather than rushing around

13. Nights out with friends

14. Romance

15. Being able to pop to the shops when you want

16. A toned stomach

17. Adventurous or cultural vacations

18. Silence

19. Just sitting down to read a book during the day

20. Sex