Hotel Employee Secrets

BuzzFeed asked members of its community who work at hotels what secrets that guests would be shocked and horrified to know. Following are 20 of them:

1. “If someone dies in a room, we get rid of the body and then get the room booked again ASAP.”

2. “The dirtiest part of a hotel is something no one thinks about: THE ROOM KEYS.”

3. “Housekeeping never cleans inside drawers and nightstands.”   

4. “Sometimes, guests have ‘accidents.'”

5. “And a lot of the time, guests try to hide these ‘accidents.'”

6. “If someone pukes, pees, or poops in a bed at our hotel, the mattress isn’t replaced.”

7. “The laundry room that’s used for folding bedsheets is a GREAT place for quickies with guests.”

8. “I can assure you that if you sound like a jerk on the phone, the room you were asking about will always *suddenly* become unavailable.”

9. “I personally knew a housekeeper who used the same cleaning rag to clean both the toilets and everywhere else in the rooms!”

10. “‘Beware this guest’ lists are real things.”

11. “Managers sometimes prioritize revenue over kicking out seedy guests.”

12. “TV remotes never get cleaned!”

13. “Some cleaners wash the mugs that are provided in-room in the bathroom sink, then dry them with the used pillow cases.”

14. “We’re instructed not to delete ‘accidental’ charges unless guests call and inquire.”

15. “Kitchens aren’t always sanitary.”

16. “All of the vegetables we served came from cans.”

17. “We NEVER wash the comforters.”

18. “You wouldn’t BELIEVE the conditions we find rooms in sometimes.”

19. “We own a motel and we recently learned that our employees have been running a drug ring right under our noses.”

20. “Never look at a hotel room with a black light. Just don’t.”