Things You’d be Surprised to Know About the Beatles

Since today is Global Beatles Day, it’s the perfect time to check out this list of The Top Things You’d be Surprised to Know About the Beatles.

  • “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” is not a song about drug use.  It’s a song about HEAVY drug use.

  • John Lennon had very poor eyesight.  Which explains his marrying Yoko Ono.

  • They turned down a lot of money to use “A Hard Day’s Night” in Cialis ads.

  • They’re so famous you know them by their first names.  But then, you can say the same about the Kardashians.

  • Bob Dylan introduced the Beatles to marijuana . . . and incoherent mumbling.

  • “Baby Shark” is actually a salvaged cut from “Abbey Road”.

  • If they had said no to drugs, we probably wouldn’t still be talking about them.

  • If there was only an “America’s Got Talent” back then, they’d have been HUGE!

  • Millennials think “I Am the Walrus” was written by Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

  • They wanted to hold more than your hand.