10 Traits That Make a Great Manager

The best managers are those who are able to get the best out of the people who work under them and make them want to stay with the company, but what exactly makes for a good boss? Google did research for over 10 years under the code name Project Oxygen to come up with answers so that it could train its managers to develop those traits. Emotional intelligence skills turned out to matter a lot more than technical ones in the top 10 traits they found make for a great manager. They are:

  1. Is a good coach

  2. Empowers teams and doesn’t micromanage

  3. Creates an inclusive team environment, showing concern for success and well-being

  4. Is productive and results-oriented

  5. Is a good communicator — listens and shares information

  6. Supports career development and discusses performance

  7. Has a clear vision/strategy for the team

  8. Has key technical skills to help advise the team

  9. Collaborates effectively

  10. Is a strong decision maker