Little-Known Facts about Bigfoot

An Oregon man has spent his life on a mission-and there are newly released FBI files to prove it. Peter Byrne is now 93, and he’s decades into an obsession to find creatures of lore like Bigfoot and the yeti, a fascination born from stories he’d heard as a kid. Now, the FBI has opened its vault to reveal correspondence in 1976 and ’77 between Byrne and FBI officials, in which Byrne actually got the agency to test hair samples he sent to them. It was deer hair.


  • That thing they say about guys with big feet? Not true

  • Drafted as an inside linebacker by the Baltimore Ravens in 2002

  • Had to turn down the part of Chewbacca in Star Wars due to scheduling conflict

  • He even looks blurry in his high school yearbook photos

  • Paid spokesperson for new line of Pantene Fur Products

  • Lack of internet savvy led to failure to secure domain name

  • Briefly engaged to actress Emma Stone

  • Will stroll through your campsite for a very reasonable appearance fee

  • Thinks all that Loch Ness Monster stuff is a bunch of crap