How to Feel More Comfortable Being Naked Around Someone New

1. Be Naked at Home on Your Own: Do what you normally do when you’re at home alone, just try to do it in the nude. This will help to decrease anxiety when naked in front of someone else.

 2. Wait Until You Feel Ready to Be Naked: There are no rules for when you should or should not be ready to be naked in front of someone else. Maybe you aren’t ready to show yourself to them in your entirety. That’s totally OK!

 3. Fantasize about It Ahead of Time: Mental preparation is always a good thing.  Imagine the 2 of you together in bed, being intimate, or sitting up naked and talking afterward.

 4. Be in Control of the Environment:  Be in control of the room. You may feel more at ease with dim lights, a lit candle, or the lights completely off. Add music to help you feel relaxed and ready for romance. Have a glass of wine to loosen your inhibitions.

 5. Know That They Are Probably Also Uncomfortable: You are in this together, after all. And just about everyone can feel pretty self-conscious at the end of the day.

 6. Remember That It Can Be Fun: Remember that being naked with someone new doesn’t have to be a serious endeavor. Being naked makes people feel silly and may even make you laugh.

 7. Do Things That Make You Feel Good in General: If Doing anything from taking baths, exercising, meditating, or dancing, can help you practice feeling embodied.