People Are Sharing the Weird Things Their Families Do That They Thought Were Normal

If we think hard enough, most of us can remember a family tradition (or two!) that was pretty damn weird. Well, a viral Reddit thread asked people to share the weirdest thing their family does that they always thought was normal.


·        “In my family, if you took a bite of dinner that was too hot, the rest of the family would blow in your mouth until it cooled off.” -ernielover125


·        “Whenever we got fast food, we would put all of our fries together in a big mound to share – sort of like communal fries. Once I was at a friend’s house and they bought us fast food, so I put my fries on a plate and pushed it to the middle of the table. Lots of strange looks.” -—mndaver24


·        “Our family had a communal underwear drawer until I was in high school. Apparently not common?” -inflatedPastry


·        “We’d go for a walk after every dinner. Rain or shine. Found out years later our neighbors thought we were weird.” -designgoddess


·        “A friend of mine’s family eats corn on the cob for dessert.”-DrBublinski


·        “We always had a single hardboiled egg on our plate whenever we had spaghetti.” -puckmonky


·        “Instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween, my parents made us go around to different doors in our basement and answer Bible questions to receive candy.” -MinuteMythology