Awkward Things That Happen During Sex That No One Ever Talks About

A recent Reddit thread asked people: “What are the ‘not so fun’ parts of sex that no one talks about?”


Oh god, sweating. Just so much sweating. “If you’re like me, you sweat fairly easily, so being on top means I’m dripping off my face and usually it landing in or around my girlfriend’s eyes and mouth,” tsquaredp said. “We’ve often talked about a sweatband, but I’m not sure if it would increase passion or cause laughter.”


How about those awkward fart noises? We don’t mean actual farts, but rather the fart noises that happen when your bodies rub up against each other in certain ways-like an armpit fart, but between two people. “I’m a little concave in the chest, and sometimes when we are close an air pocket happens and it makes the best fart sound ever,” odnadevotchka wrote.


Many folks agreed that shower sex ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. “Shower sex actually kinda sucks. water is not lube, nowhere is comfortable, hot water runs out,” ChefHannibal said.


What do you do about pets? Redditor WillTwerkForFood1 complained about “having to push pets away that won’t get off the bed and just sit there staring at you.”


People also spoke to the challenges of putting away and cleaning your sex toys. “Inflating/deflating your partner,” dlordjr wrote.