Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel

The summer travel season is here and that might require making a hotel reservation.  We can help you with that with this list of The Top Things to Consider Before Booking a Hotel.

  • Does it accept cash so your wife will never find out about it?

  • Are the bedbugs at least potty trained?

  • Do you have an extra $7,000 in case you take a bag of cashews from the minibar?

  • Do they have a sign noting the number of days since the last murder?

  • Does the continental breakfast offer more than mini boxes of Rice Krispies from 2002?

  • Does the creepy guy at the front desk talk to a “mother” who doesn’t seem to be there?

  • Does the crime scene tape across the door add panache?

  • Are the walls thin enough to not only hear the couple next door having sex, but also watch them?

  • Charging by the hour is never a good deal.