Questions You Should Never Ask a Bride or Groom before a Wedding

1. Can I bring my kids? They’re well behaved for their age! Unless little Harper was mentioned by name on the invitation envelope, she’s in all likelihood not invited. The omission of a child’s name is a subtle clue that it’s an adult-only affair.

 2. What’s the cost per plate? If you’re fishing for answers to this one, you’re probably operating under the “cover your plate” rule of wedding gift giving. Save yourself the headache and don’t ask. When looking for the right gift, experts say focus less on the dollar amount and more on these three things: your budget, your relationship to the couple and what you think they might like.

 3. Can I bring the person I’m dating? Your friend probably would have loved to have extended a plus-one to you. But if the invitation wasn’t explicitly addressed to you and a guest, chances are, you can’t bring your new friend from Bumble.

 4. Sending any text the day of the wedding. Unless there’s an emergency, don’t text the bride or groom on their wedding day. Not even a sweet congratulatory text in the morning. It’s a lovely gesture, but they have so much on their plate the day of, the last thing they need is to be checking their phone nonstop.

5. Are there going to be vegan/gluten-free/Keto-friendly options? Unless you have a deadly food allergy, don’t bug a bride or groom about what you’re going to eat. Before you head out, eat a little something just in case there’s nothing there that suits your diet. Sad, but such is life.

 6. Will there be liquor? Yes, most of us agree that dry weddings are the pits. Still, when you say “yes” to a wedding, you say “yes” to whatever plans your friend has for imbibing for the evening.