Should You Pay Your Kids to Get Good Grades?

Unless you’re a millionaire . . . or were on the show “Full House” . . . your kids probably need good grades to get into a good school.  So is it okay to give them a little financial incentive?

A recent survey asked people if it’s a good idea to reward kids for doing well in school by PAYING them for good grades.

And 50% of Americans said YES, it’s perfectly fine. 

36% said they don’t think parents should be paying kids to do well academically.  And the remaining 14% weren’t sure.

The section of the country that’s most on board with it is the Midwest, where 56% of people said it’s okay.  That’s compared to51% in the western U.S. . . . 48% in the South . . . and 46% of people in the Northeast.

Women were slightly more likely to say it’s okay:  51%, compared to 48% of men.

And one more interesting stat:  It also found people who make a lot of money are LESS likely to think paying for grades is a good idea.

56% of people who earn less than $40,000 a year said it’s fine . . . compared to just 46% of people who make over $80,000 a year. (YouGov)