China Tourism Slogans

China’s tourism officials aren’t worried about the trade war with the U.S.  In fact, they’re reportedly busy working on new slogans to bring in even more visitors.  Here are The Top China Tourism Slogans.

  • You’re Welcome to Stay as Long as We Want!

  • Visit an Oppressive Asian Communist Nation That Doesn’t Have a Weird Dennis Rodman Fixation.

  • We Make Your Phones, Food, and Sex Toys.  What More Do You Need?

  • Come for Our Food.  Stay Because We Executed You for Expressing Free Thought.

  • Hurry, While We’re Still Kardashian-Free!

  • If You Like P.F. Chang’s and Panda Express, You’ll Love Actual Chinese Food.

  • Sure You Could Go to Japan, But Godzilla . . . Am I Right?

  • No One Will Go Pee-Pee in Your Coke . . . That’s a Cruel Myth.

  • America, Come Visit a Country Where Your Dictator is Trim and Doesn’t Have Comical Hair.

  • China:  You Won’t Find a Pacific Rim Country with Crazier or Richer Asians.

  • Our Smog is Thick and Chewy!

  • In the Time It Took You to Read This, Our Population Increased by a Billion!

  • Bring Your Kids . . . Leave Them at Our Factory “Day Care” Service.

  • Don’t Worry.  That Five-Dollar Rolex You Just Bought is TOTALLY Legit!

  • Come See What a REAL Wall Looks Like.

  • Come Have a Tariff-ic Time!