5 Ways Nagging Ruins Even the Healthiest Relationships

Back in 2012, the Wall Street Journal claimed that nagging -defined as “the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed” – is the biggest marriage killer and will likely to lead to divorce. Yikes! So why does this common issue wreak such havoc on otherwise healthy relationships?


1. It makes him feel like you’re mothering him. If your mom’s the nagging type, you know how annoying this is. You don’t want to turn your guy into a rebellious teen.


2. It makes you feel unheard and irrelevant. According to The WSJ, women are more likely to nag largely because they are conditioned to feel more responsible for managing home life. If nagging isn’t making your man listen, try a different approach.


3. Arguments become about the nagging, rather than the real issues. Such as trust (yours) and responsibility (his). Instead of making him your enemy, see his side and help him see yours. Maybe he’s overworked and stressed, or maybe you’re juggling too many chores and need help. Communicate with each other!


4. Nagging can cause both parties to question the relationship. Instead of being happy and looking forward to each other’s company, you see the other person as a bother who just doesn’t understand. That sounds toxic.


5. Nagging sucks the fun out of your lives together. Just imagine the amount of time and energy expended on nagging and arguing about nagging. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice, cozy dinner with your guy?