Mother’s Day—By The Numbers

 In honor of Mother’s Day, here are five fresh stats on moms for 2019.

1.  How many moms are you honoring this weekend?  A new survey found that 44% of Americans ages 18 to 54 have three or more “mother figures” in their lives, and 20% have at least FIVE.  So people like grandmothers, in-laws, and stepmoms.

2.  A recent survey found 20% of us have bought a counterfeit gift for Mother’s Day before, like phony jewelry or a fake designer purse.  And one in three people who’ve done it say it was INTENTIONAL.

3.  Who taught you about money?  More than 28% of people said they learned about money from their mom . . . while 24% said their dad.  But the top answer was “neither,” with 47.9% of the vote.

4.  If your mom has a tattoo and you’re still struggling to come up with a gift, here’s an idea:  A new survey found 21% of moms have a tattoo they regret, and 75% of them would like to get tattoo removal as a gift.  And that includes 51% who want tattoo removal more than JEWELRY.

5.  If you’re a single mom, you might actually be better off.  A recent study found that moms with a husband or live-in boyfriend sleep less and do MORE housework than single moms without a significant other.

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