Are You Ready for Marriage?

We’re coming up on wedding season.  And if any couples out there are getting cold feet, don’t worry.  It’s normal.  But here are five REAL signs you might not be ready for marriage . . .

  1. You’re still keeping big secrets from each other.  Like hanging out with certain friends, or you haven’t talked about your debt.  It’s a sign you’re not really communicating on a high enough level yet.
  2. You think divorce is no big deal.  If you say your vows thinking it’s an escape hatch, you’re not truly committed.  So when times get tough, you might not try as hard to work things out.
  3. You keep having the same argument over and over.  If so, it won’t go away just because you’re married.  Which doesn’t mean you should break up.  But you’ll have to address the issue sooner or later.  And sooner comes with more options.
  4. You love their potential, not who they are right now.  The chances of them changing in any major way are slim.  So just know that what you see is probably what you’ll get.
  5. You haven’t been with them very long.  In general, experts say two years should be the minimum.  For the first year, you’re mostly just infatuated with each other.  Then the second year is when you finally get to see their flaws, and decide if you can live with them or not.