Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Teacher

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day.  So show your teachers some love and definitely avoid uttering anything from this list of The Top Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Teacher.

  • Sorry I’m late.  Measles.

  • Why should I listen to you?  I make as much as you do working part-time at Applebee’s.

  • If you’re one of those teachers who likes to have affairs with students, hit me up.

  • Give me an “A” on this history test or I tell the principal about your flask.

  • You is happy cuz we learn up goodly.

  • I don’t need to study.  My parents are going to trick Harvard into thinking I row.

  • Enjoy your 40-grand a year while you can, because Trump’s coming for your union!

  • Can I borrow this compass for a while?  There’s a couple people I gotta stab.

  • No, my vaccines AREN’T up to date.  Do you think I want autism?!?

  • Just so you know, the class has voted to start impeachment proceedings against you.

  • You’re just doing this until your novel is finished, right?

  • Can you get some better tasting chalk?

  • Are you here because you couldn’t get into cosmetology school?

  • My dad says I can leave the room if you start teaching equal rights for women.