Top Things Overheard at the “Billboard Music Awards”

The “Billboard Music Awards” went down last night in Las Vegas.  Get an idea of what it was like with this list of The Top Things Overheard at the “Billboard Music Awards”.

  • Kelly Clarkson reminds me why the Oscars went host-less.

  • Ariana Grande looks so young R. Kelly’s been calling to get her number.

  • Damn, I forgot my Paula Abdul-to-English dictionary.

  • Hey, cameramen, try to pan to people NOT watching “Game of Thrones” on their phones!

  • So if Ralph Macchio is presenting, who takes his place as a seat filler?

  • And the winners of the Get a Room Already award . . . Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

  • This is like the Grammys . . . minus the part where it matters.  So, just like the Grammys.

  • I sure hope receiving the Icon Award doesn’t suddenly turn Mariah Carey into some sort of entitled diva!

  • You can still call Madonna the “Material Girl” if that material is Botox.

  • Between Cardi B and Post Malone, it’s hard to pick who deserves the most credit for ruining music.

  • Taylor Swift hasn’t even come out on stage, and I’m already sick of her.

  • Are we sure this place isn’t called the MGM BLAND?