Signs You’re a Lousy Avenger

Signs You’re a Lousy Avenger

  • You can fly, but only in coach

  • You’re a ridiculously cute Japanese anime character

  • Your battle cry is mostly just the sound of you giggling

  • Audiences cheered when you crumbled to dust

  • You’re actually considered a “practice squad Avenger”

  • They tried to trade you to the Justice League

  • You had to pay to get into Comic Con

  • Your superpower is party planning

  • Even in superhero mode, you’re described as “mild mannered”

  • You do the other Avengers’ taxes

  • You’re remembered as “Stan Lee’s biggest regret”

  • The only reason you’re an Avenger is that your parents paid somebody $500,000

  •  Even Hawkeye thinks you suck